Latest Draka cable technology chosen for the Alpine World Cup 2011

Date: Mon, 09/12/2011 - 16:41

Strategic partner Wige Media AG deploys new Triax camera cables during the extreme conditions of the Bavarian Alps bringing downhill racing thrills in high definition to millions of viewers around the world

Latest Draka cable technology chosen for the Alpine World Cup 2011 Image credited to IBC

Draka, part of the Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cables and systems industry, announces at IBC 2011 that this year its high-end Triax HD Pro + Broadcast Solution was chosen for the highly successful HD transmissions for the demanding conditions of the Alpine Ski World Cup 2011. In Garmisch-Partenkirchen more than 40 international TV stations were able to relay spectacular high definition images around the globe. For ski enthusiasts the Kandahar race is one of the outstanding events of the year.
In Garmisch-Partenkirchen more than 90 per cent of the multimedia cables were Draka branded. In extreme mountain weather conditions, Draka partner Wige Media rose to the challenge of installing 200km of camera cable with 70km interconnecting a total of 66 TV cameras. A key part of site interconnectivity was the deployment of Draka’s latest Triax HD Pro+ Broadcast Solution which made its debut at IBC 2010 last year. Then, Draka and Fischer Connectors jointly announced an integrated HD Triax camera cable with operating lengths up to 1100 meters, adding 30 per cent more working freedom for camera crews. Capable of HD transmission quality with low attenuation values and minimum DC resistance, this Triax cable combines light weight with flexibility.
In the extremes of the Bavarian Alps, the Triax HD Pro + Broadcast Solution passed sub zero temperature tests with ease. At temperatures below minus 18 degrees centigrade, the cables remained supple and easy to handle for camera technicians needing to work through snowstorms and knee-deep mud. This high profile event also demanded a high degree of flexibility in project execution. Due to changeable weather and snow conditions, race courses had to be relocated at short notice, requiring quick reactions, for which the lightness and sturdiness of these cables provided appreciable advantages.
“Wige Media and ourselves are pleased that our latest Triax cables exceeded the expectations of the organisers of this showcase event,“ says Oli Hentschel, Draka Product Manager, Studio Broadcast. “ As well as being able to do the best job under worst-case conditions, our high-end solution extends the investment lifecycle for the massive base of Triax users, providing user convenience while meeting the demands of HD broadcasters.”

Triax – a standard for broadcast professionals
For sure fibre and SMPTE has its place, still Triax is the main technology to interconnect HDTV cameras and related equipment in the professional broadcast industry. Resulting from extensive research and development between Draka and Fischer Connectors, this new integrated cable solution has been field tested to validate the additional highly useable transmission distance from Triax HD equipment, while providing optimum signal performance.
Draka Triax HD Pro+ Broadcast Solution is optimized for HDTV transmissions under extreme conditions. It connects camera and CCU and offers an optimum transmission quality based on low attenuation, lowest DC resistance (even over longer distances), a long life span and minimal weight. The cable is designed with a universal jacket suitable for indoor studio and outside broadcast applications. Its high tolerance, rugged and waterproof design assures reliable transmission between camera and control unit in studios or broadcast vehicles, where long cable lengths are used under exceptional circumstances. It is maintenance-friendly and easy to clean, a point highly appreciated in the snowy conditions of the Bavarian Alps.


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