Envivio and nangu.TV compatibility strengthens adaptive streaming

Date: Tue, 04/17/2012 - 16:26

Recognizable bitrate stream formats allow for smoother IPTV and OTT delivery to end devices
Envivio and nangu.TV compatibility strengthens adaptive streaming

nangu.TV announces the successful completion of testing of the Envivio encoder Caster C4 with the nangu.TV Media Platform. Teams of technology experts cooperated on the integration in order to be able to offer a comprehensive IPTV and OTT solution to the market.
nangu.TV strived for compatibility with Envivio stream formats to be able to deliver smoother streaming to any device at a more effective cost. The Envivio encoder receives signals, which it passes along in various streams of different bitrate sizes, which nangu.TV ingestor picks up and stores in the Cluster Stream Storage, all in the original quality. nangu.TV then streams the content to the end user, automatically adjusting the resolution of the content depending on the device being used (STB, PC, tablet, mobile). It pushes the maximum quality of video the Internet connectivity allows. The environment is checked in regular intervals of several seconds to ensure that the highest quality is always being streamed; adjusting accordingly if there is room to provide better quality.
Audiences have become accustomed to their various devices and nangu.TV allows them to switch different devices and move through environments without having to worry about adjusting any settings. The compatibility of the media platform and encoder means faster implementation for the customer, as the products can now be offered as 1 comprehensive functioning solution. With the growing rate of viewer demands, nangu.TV can offer proven go to market solutions to the operators, without hindering viewer mobility.

Quick facts
End output applicable to:
* Apple HTTP Live Streaming
* Microsoft Smooth Streaming
* Adobe Dynamic HTTP streaming
* Real Time Streaming Protocol

Device compatibility:
* iOS (iPhone, iPad), Mac OS
* MS Silverlight based players
* Adobe Flash based players
* Integrated DRM players - Verimatrix, SecureMedia

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